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Feb 7, 2013 7:00am EST
person with him, road trip reporters angie and ben gleeb are here on the road with oscar. >> thank you, tony perkins. >> thank you for having us. >> this is pretty exciting stuff. >> we loved you in psycho. great to be standing next to you. >> i never won an oscar. >> but mom is still proud of you. >> mom was very supportive up until the end. is this a real oscar? >> 100%. it will eventually go to someone in the future. they don't make them for fun. it's the real deal. >> may i pick it up? absolutely -- >> my parents always believed in me. >> always and never once doubted you. >> it is heavy. 8.5 pounds. >> tell me how this works. a bunch of different cities. >> people can follow our whole journey. they can tell us where we should stop. even within those cities to tell us what to do. come to your house and have dinner with you. play loud music. >> after this we're going to be in front of the white house, people can come say hi and hosting a happy hour from 5 to 7 where you can come meet oscar. >> and you will let people hold it. >> absolutely. first time the oscars had this opportu
Feb 15, 2013 7:00am EST
welcoming. angie said "i'd go again. planes crash, but i still fly. things happen, but thank god no one died. that's the important thing ." the national transportation safety board is launching an investigation. >> glad it's over for those folks. >>> political showdown. republicans block chuck hagel's nomination for defense secretary. coming up, we'll talk with fox news sunday host chris wallace about what the next move is. >> plus, never slowing down. coming up, actress bernadette stannis will talk about her new show hitting the stage today and tomorrow. coming up on 8:12. we'll be right back. some folks didn't think that our coffee was their flavor,, it wasn't their cup. if you don't like that dark roast, we've created a coffee for you. blonde is a beautiful, light roasted coffee. kind of mellow, sweet, a little citrusy. for me, personally, i love connecting with people, so blonde roast just gives me a whole nother reason to connect with more customers. ♪ >>> where does the morning go? >> busy morning. >> tucker barnes is joining us with the weather. >> and the my first 5 photo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2